Local Music Week 2016

LMW2016_websquare (800x800)Local music week is right around the corner. Since 2009, the Local 782 has been putting on a series of events and shows over one week in order to raise awareness and generate exposure for the local music community. This year, Local Music Week will start on Sunday, June 12 and kick off with a hot dog social. The event is designed to be family friendly with a mix of musical genres and free hotdogs when you RSVP on social media. It starts at 3 in the afternoon and continues until 9 PM at Frank on South Alamo, so drop by and enjoy the free food and music. For those with specific interest in the music and media communities, there will be a music and media mixer on Wednesday, June 15. This event is designed to help foster communication between various parts of the larger groups involved with making the San Antonio local music scene successful. 210 Local Media will be celebrating Local Music Week as well, with daily podcast episodes. On June 12, 210 Local Media will put on a live podcast show at 502 Bar from 9-10 PM with a show from the band afterwards. Check in for further updates both from 210 Local Media and Local Music Week on Facebook as well as on the 210 Local Media webpage.

Episode 39: Hydramelody Live

Episode 39: Hydramelody Live

Here’s our second “live from the board” episode, this time featuring friends of 210 and alum, Hydramelody. This was actually from January 23rd at Jack’s Patio. Due to having a pack full of dead batteries, I missed all but 4 of the songs that Hydramelody played that night. Luckily, you get to hear them!

Huge shout out to Octahedron, who opened for Hydra that night and to whatever magician of a sound guy that Hydramelody brought in. I usually have issues when I want to record directly from the mixing console, but this sound guy said, plug in and we’ll get it done. I had planned on recording Octahedron, but it just didn’t seem to be in the cards this time. To make it up to you guys and to Octahedron, I plan on recording them very soon and hopefully adding an interview to that as well. I’m just sorry because you guys missed out on what was some really great music. Good things come to those who wait, so keep an eye out for Octahedron later this season.

Next, Hydramelody prefaced their amazing show with a short documentary, “Ways To Go,” that followed the band as they recorded their newest album, hopefully due to be released very soon. After the documentary concluded, the audience was treated to an amazing light show, courtesy of Colorwave. This show, in my opinion, really threw down the gauntlet for other local musicians. This was a SHOW. Hydramelody recently returned from a tour with Third Eye Blind, and it looks like they picked up a few things while on the road. You can check out the live video I recorded of them playing “California” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWOe74jFY4g&spfreload=10 In the meantime, here’s the five songs from that night. Honey, Sunsets, Caught in the Rain, and This Road, and from the video I recorded, California. Enjoy.

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