Blackbird Sing – “Cinco” – A Review

Blackbird Sing – “Cinco”

If you’ve never heard of Blackbird Sing, now’s the time to dive right in and let the “Texicana” tunes wash over you. They call it Texicana because, just like San Antonio, it’s a melting pot of sounds ranging from the obvious Americana, Folk, and Country. The birds even found a way to nod to their Alternative and Punk background as well. Friends close to the band may recognize the members from their other local incarnations, Madex (Metal), and DieBoy (Punk).

In “Cinco”, Blackbird Sings’ second release, lead singer Vito Salinas puts it all on his sleeve. With song titles like “Heart Strings”, “Oh Darling”, and “Sacramental”, it’s no secret that these are written from the heart. After listening to their first album Enemies From Years Of Loving, the growth in musicianship and the experience of being together after five years really shines through. While Enemies laid the groundwork for what Blackbird Sing is all about, Cinco brings you with them through the changes in their life: getting older, starting families, family changes, and all the difference that five years can make.

“I still believe in what you say and not what you do”, heard on ”Heart Strings”, speaks to those who devote themselves to a love that, in the very least, doesn’t respect the love they’re offering. This is the kind of heartfelt emotion that can be heard in each song. This track also introduces you to the Spanish/Hispanic influence that can also be heard on “Battle Of Sanan” with the introduction of the accordion and some a short phrase in Spanish. I believe this might be a way of showing how they (most of them) are connecting with their heritage, another change that usually occurs as we get older. Their attention to musical construction is evident in their ability to insert meaningful pauses, extending a vocal part to draw on emotion, and the way that certain complexities are able to coexist in songs like “Battle” through the masterful way they’re layered. Also, something to note, is that these guys sound even better live!

Change your plans on Saturday April 30th, and head to Sam’s Burger Joint to hear for yourself. The CD release show includes their longtime friends, Devils & Dust and is the only place you can get a physical copy of “Cinco”. If you absolutely cannot make it out, the digital release will be on Cinco de Mayo. I vote that you get the physical disk and see how many times you find nods to the number 5. Here’s to another five years of Blackbird Sing.

Vito Salinas: Singer/Songwriter, Guitar
George Ransom: Bass
James Magallanez: Guitar, Percussion, and Harmonica
Daniel Magallanez: Drums
Andy Salazar: Lead Guitar, Piano, and Trumpet

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