Episode 81: Aaron Stephens – Hard Times, Straight Lines RADIO

Episode 81: Aaron Stephens – Hard Times, Straight Lines RADIO

Thanks for tuning in to 210 Local Media podcast, I am your host, Mario Zamarron. I’ve been holding on to this album for a while and finally decided it was time to put this out. With all of the plans I had made for episodes prior to this, I hadn’t gotten to this RADIO episode. So, without further ado, this is Aaron Stephens, a transplant from Illinois and most recently, New Braunfels, our northern neighbor.

Aaron’s really got a soulful record here, so if you’re into listening to music in the dark, with your eyes closed, do it. If you’re in your car, you have an excuse to listen to the episode twice. Let the music take you through your own memories and feel the words. Just a suggestion in this world of hustle and bustle and no time to experience music on the same levels we did when we were kids.

Aaron Stephens is a soul singer/songwriter and musician born in Illinois, raised deep down in McAllen, Texas.

Writing songs, singing, and playing guitar since the age of 12, Stephens has an original songwriting and performing style that can both soothe and stir.

Since 2012, Stephens has been playing shows all across Texas.

With his soulful voice, songwriting, and tasteful slide guitar playing, Aaron Stephens and his tight, groove-based band are standing out and gaining some momentum.

On June 18, 2014, Aaron Stephens released his first full-length album entitled “Hard Times Straight Lines”. The 9-song album is a perfect example of Aaron Stephens' music: honest, relatable and soulful.

The album is available on all major online platforms.
Visit www.aaronstephensmusic.com for more info!

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