River City Rockfest 2016

River City Rockfest 2016

We were extremely lucky this year, to get in as media for the 2016 River City Rockfest and WOW…. Just WOW. The lineup was outstanding as always, and included Avatar, Red Sun Rising, Pop Evil, Bullet For My Valentine, Hatebreed, Devil Driver, The Sword, Disturbed, POD, SixxAM, Sevendust, Megadeth, Scorpions, and local favorites, Donella Drive, Lynwood King Revival, and The Heroine. Between our resident sound guy, assistant artist manager, and promotions guy Roland and I, we couldn't hit all of the bands, and even passed out for one of my favorites, The Heroine. We did the best we could in the scorching Texas heat, for over nine hours, on our feet most of the day, and loving every bit of the media pits in front of the stages. Personally, I was there to see Scorpions, Megadeth, Donella Drive, The Heroine, and SixxAM, so four out of five ain't bad. Much love to The Heroine, and a tremendous amount of sadness for missing you guys on stage. Here's hoping you guys get in for another amazing year of River City Rock Fest! The event was chock full of food trucks, beer, music, passed out people on the floor, skimpy outfits, sweaty dudes, ear plugs, and tons of merch, and was the best concert experience ever, thanks to The AT&T Center and Spurs Entertainment allowing us to cover the event with media passes. There were over 27,800 in attendance, surpassing last years show and proving that San Antonio rocks and is always ready to party. Below are just some of the shots we got from the show. Enjoy!

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Episode 76: Terror Expo – It’s A Guy Thing Podcast Takeover

Episode 76: Terror Expo 2016 – It’s A Guy Thing Podcast Takeover

Thanks for tuning in to 210 Local Media Podcast, I am your host, Mario Zamarron. This episode is long overdue for a few reasons; season 3 started in January, The Terror Expo was in January, and this episode is a takeover from my other podcast, It’s a Guy Thing Podcast. First of all, fair warning; there’s no music in this episode, there’s three guys who sound like morons, and hopefully you enjoy it.

The guys take a brief walk on the floor of Terror Expo 2016 and get a surprise guest drop in from a famous and former Walking Dead cast member Jose Cantillo – Walking Dead, Chappie, Elysium, Sons of Anarchy, Crank, Crank: High Voltage, Disturbia, and The Manchurian Candidate.

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