Local Music Week 2016

LMW2016_websquare (800x800)Local music week is right around the corner. Since 2009, the Local 782 has been putting on a series of events and shows over one week in order to raise awareness and generate exposure for the local music community. This year, Local Music Week will start on Sunday, June 12 and kick off with a hot dog social. The event is designed to be family friendly with a mix of musical genres and free hotdogs when you RSVP on social media. It starts at 3 in the afternoon and continues until 9 PM at Frank on South Alamo, so drop by and enjoy the free food and music. For those with specific interest in the music and media communities, there will be a music and media mixer on Wednesday, June 15. This event is designed to help foster communication between various parts of the larger groups involved with making the San Antonio local music scene successful. 210 Local Media will be celebrating Local Music Week as well, with daily podcast episodes. On June 12, 210 Local Media will put on a live podcast show at 502 Bar from 9-10 PM with a show from the band afterwards. Check in for further updates both from 210 Local Media and Local Music Week on Facebook as well as on the 210 Local Media webpage.

Episode 46: #LMW2015 Slowlikefire RADIO

Episode 46: #LMW2015 Slowlikefire RADIO

Finally, the episode is finally out, after much delay. I’ve been sick the last few days and am still trying to get my voice back, so I’ll keep this intro minimal. First off, we’ve got a special release from our friends at The Black Market Club with their new single Juan Pablo, which will be off of their upcoming release.

Next, we’re finally releasing a Slowlikefire RADIO episode of their first EP Thieves By Nature. Once we’ve made it through Local Music Week, we will dedicate another episode to their first full length album release, City Of Echoes. For now, here’s Slowlikefire’s Thieves By Nature:

My Name Is Billy Jean Davey
En Vacio
Take This As Goodbye
Thieves By Nature
The Sex
I’ve Come To Set The Record Straight

Finally, we’ve got a VERY special appearance of a one time San Antonio band, now a very well known national act, Nothing More. Huge shout out to Slowlikefire for introducing me to their music. Hopefully you enjoy their newest single, Jenny. Be sure to check out their webpage on our website at www.210LocalMedia.com/NothingMore and on their own website, www.nothingmore.net

This is the launch of local Music Week and I apologize for missing the first day of events, but there’s plenty more that you can find all over social media if you use #LMW2015 Thanks to Local 782, SATX Music, and Do210 for being the primary organizers behind this years Local Music Week. On Thursday, May 21st, our friends Remanon and Verisimilitude will be playing at the 502 Bar. On Friday, May 22nd, our friends, Blackbird Sing will be playing a show at the famous Sam’s Burger Joint with Garrett T. Capps and The Only Hipsters. These are only a couple of the amazing events going on during Local Music Week. Follow us on on all social media and we will do our best to share anything and everything. Also, check Do210.com for a very inclusive calendar of events for the week, and for the future. As always, thanks for listening!

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