210 Local Media Magazine – Issue 1 Vol 1

210 Local Media Magazine
Issue 1 Vol 1

This project started as a blog, a response to a meeting between local band Girl In A Coma and Nelson Wolff, where he declared his mission to help San Antonio become the live music capital of the world. What came of that meeting, either politically or otherwise, I do not know. It did however, inspire me to create 210 Local Media. In March of 2013, I started the 210 Local Music Podcast (later, to become 210 Local Media Podcast), in the hopes that we could be one the helping hands. Three years later, I've gotten to experience some amazing things, all in the name of desire and discovery.
This magazine is the written/digital version of these kinds of experiences.
Our promise to you, is to have you join us on that journey into the San Antonio scene. We will focus mostly on San Antonio, and only turn elsewhere, should the story have any local implications.

This is for San Antonio. This is for our city.

-Mario Zamarron