210 Local Media Magazine – Issue 2 Vol 1

210 Local Media Magazine – Issue 2 Vol 1 – The Metal Issue

Not too long ago, I was a decidedly not a fan of metal, metalcore, hardcore, deathcore… stuff. I was the guy at the Tera
Ferna, Black Market Club, and Slowlikefire shows. I’d jam to Hydramelody in the car and follow it up with some Fishermen. One day, my buddy Jason invites me to see his band The Akuzma, and I finally say that I’ll go. I warn him though, it’s not my scene and if I don’t have a great reaction, it’s because I just don’t get it. The screaming, the wailing, the chunky bass lines that sound like a garbled mess of a garbage disposal being turned on and off, instead of the 4 stringed, multi-note
instrument I’ve come to know and love. I just couldn’t be a fan of that. So, I went and saw The Akuzma play at Fitzgerald’s. Some of the songs were too foreign to me, but somewhere among the loud wall of heavy stuff, I started to tap my foot. I started to rock my head back and forth. By the last song, their cover of Falco’s
“Amadeus”, I was throwing up the good old rock/devil fingers. I was enjoying myself, a lot. They had me after that, I was a fan, I was converted.
There’s still a large chunck of these types of styles that I wouldn’t normally pick to
listen to, but I get it now. The appeal of the anger and passion of being pissed off, instead became on understanding that there was
emotion, just a brutally honest kind of emotion. There are a few other bands I listen to that are “Akuzma-like”, and I’m much more open to checking out something new than I was before.
I guess that’s my point really; we should be open to more music in our lives, no matter where it comes from. As long I can get grooving to it, or get moving to it, I’m a fan. So this issue is dedicated to the Metal/Hard side of the local scene. The exception is Anna’s piece on Swimming With Bears at the 502 Bar, so it just goes to show that
diversity is a really cool thing. Thanks for reading.
– Mario Zamarron

Episode 70: Mario’s TOP 100 (100-76)

Episode 70: Mario’s TOP 100 (100-76)

Thanks for tuning in to 210 Local Media podcast, I am your host, Mario Zamarron. I’m doing something I’ve been wanting to do for some time. I’m closing out this year’s podcast season with 4 “radio” versions of the show. These will be 210 Local Media’s Top 100 songs. The qualifications are that they are/were local, played a song I like, and have either sent me music or have made their music available to me. Some bands will be played more than once as we get higher on the “chart”, some bands are totally absent because of the lack of a music release, or because the license to play their music is too expensive. By and large though, we’ve got the bulk of it here. Thanks to all of the musicians that have made this podcast possible, thanks to those who have made getting a hold of music, releases, or promo stuff easy, and thanks to YOU, the listener, for continuing to listen and make me feel that this is a worthwhile venture. I hope to accomplish a lot more in 2016, and I hope you enjoy my top 100 local songs.

Aaron Stephens – Fighter
Bite Lip Bleed – He Said, She Said
Bonnie Lang Band – Desperate
Bright Like The Sun – Smile Wide and Look Alive
Buttercup – You And You Alone
Days That End In Why – Trick Silver Linings
Demitasse – Dear Diary
Dylan Tanner – Settlers
Fair Coyote – Fiction Nevada
FIN – Leave A Message
Glasir – Ripple
Julian Gill – Harder Than Wine
Missing In Alaska – Circuits
Othello – DNA (Acoustic)
The Phantomatics – She Left Her Brain At The Drive In
The Rosedale Highs – Isabelle
Brandon Soto’s Sounds Of Sovereignty – That Place
Swimming With Bears – Linen Closet
The Taking – The Bitter End
The Televators – Einstein’s Dreaming Again
This Is Where Two Oceans Meet – Even If You Can’t Remember
Vagenda – Reminiscing
Verisimilitude – Stratus
Viet Ruse – Call It Romance
Wings Of Valkyrie – Pitch Forks And Torches

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